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The Easy Gold from Ashes Method For Keyword Research For 2024

Are you looking to attract more visitors to your blog or website but feel overwhelmed by the world of digital marketing? Fear not! Here’s a beginner-friendly guide to the “Gold From Ashes Method,” a straightforward strategy to help you find the perfect topics that will draw readers to your site.

What is the Gold From Ashes Method?

This method is a simple way to find what people are interested in within your blog’s topic area (your niche) and then write about these topics to attract visitors.

How Does It Work: 5 Effective Steps?

Step 1: Identify Your Niche

Your Niche: This is the main subject of your blog. It could be anything from cooking, fitness, technology, to gardening.

Step 2: Find What People Are Asking

Explore Forums: Websites like Quora are great for this. Just search for questions related to your niche. If you’re a cooking enthusiast, look for popular cooking questions.

Step 3: Use Ahrefs to Find Popular Questions

Using Ahrefs: This tool helps you see which questions are trending. Go to Quora, use Ahrefs to filter the search results to show top questions (from position 0 to 10), and include your main topic keyword.

Step 4: Selecting the Best Topics

Pick Relevant Questions: Choose the questions or topics that best suit your blog and that you can write about confidently.

Step 5: Write and Wait

Create Content & Be Patient: Write your blog posts based on these topics. Remember, it usually takes 2-3 months to see an increase in visitors.


Additional Resources : Making It Easier for You

To make your journey easier, here’s what you’ll find helpful:

  • Templates: Use simple templates to structure your blog posts. You can use pre-designed templates for blog structures based on your chosen keywords.
  • Video Guides: Watch beginner-friendly videos on how to use Ahrefs, select the best topics and creating content roadmaps.
  • Quizzes: Engage your audience with quizzes related to your niche. Add fun quizzes to your blog to engage readers.

Lessons for Review or Money Page (Affiliate) Marketing

If you’re into affiliate marketing, the same steps apply. Just focus on finding questions related to products or services you’re promoting.

Affiliate Marketing
  • Templates and Guides: Look for templates or guides online that can help you structure your posts more effectively.
  • Video Tutorials: Sometimes, watching a video can make learning easier. Look for tutorials about affiliate and using keywords.
  • Forum Finding: Combine your niche with ‘forums’ to find relevant discussion platforms.


The “Gold From Ashes Method” is like having a map to hidden treasures. It guides you to write about what people are already searching for. With a bit of patience and dedication, your blog can become a popular destination in your chosen field!

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